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Yukiko Amagi - RP Sample
What kind of offer was that?  
Yukiko was stunned, staring wide-eyed at the one before her, replaying the words over in her mind.  She wanted to go home – who wouldn't with the hell this place had become – but to have the way out laid before her so... so...  She wasn't sure if there was even a word to describe the offer.  Ruthless, cruel, and depraved all seemed to tame for this situation.   Horrific was the best she could come up with and even that seemed too light in the face of the situation.
She was sure there was a time limit, there always was one, before the psychopath decided her silence meant something she couldn't even imagine.  But no matter how she thought about it, she could not get off of the simple question of what kind of offer was that.  The appeal was there; even Yukiko was capable of dark thoughts where murder seemed like a valid solution.  What to choose?
The first option w
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Junpei Iori- 3rd Person Sample
This place sucked.  The really hot nurse Junpei had was blind to his charms and wouldn't give him back his hat.  It was like a conspiracy or something.  Supposedly it was in storage, being kept all nice and clean, and would be given back to him when he got better.  The nurse made his precious hat out like it was some kind of incentive.  Which it... kinda was.  But anyways, it didn't matter.  This place sucked.
Okay, okay... the food was good, but the rest sucked.
Scratch that.  Was that the back of a familiar head of tawny hair he saw peaking up from that couch over there?  
He shielded his eyes from the glaring sun beating down upon his unjustly bare head to get a better look.  It was!  Junpei was glad to see that Yukari was stuck here too.  Sure, it would probably be better for her to be back in the dorm, but Junpei always liked having an audience.  It wou
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Mature content
Terminal Notice :iconninjasin:NinjaSin 0 0
Mature content
Special Training :iconninjasin:NinjaSin 0 0
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Thunderspurred :iconninjasin:NinjaSin 0 0
Mature content
Center Stage - smut :iconninjasin:NinjaSin 7 2
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Airport Fantasy - smut :iconninjasin:NinjaSin 3 0
Mature content
Can't Backtrack Anymore :iconninjasin:NinjaSin 2 1
Beatrix Kiddo - 3rd Person sam
Beatrix walked through the aisles of the record store, a stack of returns resting gently against her stomach.  She'd been showing for the last month or so and, since then, had been talked into taking the easier jobs so as not to push herself.  Mornings were an adventure, but overall she felt better than ever.  She had escaped the life she'd been living and found another one, free of violence and death, to bring her unborn child into.  It was all she could ask for...
CD after CD was placed back in its appropriate place, the gentle clinking sound of the plastic security cases as they made contact with the rack somewhat calming, and Beatrix continued on with her simple task.  As the last case left her fingers, the ever present music playing in the store changed.  The new song drew her attention, an old song she used to hear playing softly in the background of her former life.  She stared off into the distance as her min
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Falis - 3rd Person writing sam
At the sound of the voice, Falis rolled onto her back in the large, soft bed.  She made a few incoherent noises, the sheet barely covering her nude body, but did not stir any further.
The voice was more poignant this time, the low tones of an elderly man, indicating he was beginning to get annoyed.  Falis heard the words somewhere in the depths of her slumber, but made no move to actually wake up.  She simply stretched out on the wonderful bed and rolled onto her other side, the pale skin of her back exposed to the room.  Immediately following her not waking up, there was a quick discussion between the two in the room besides their princess.  The softer, female voice seemed to have persuaded the other and the room fell silent and no further attempts to rouse her occurred.  Except...
Falis' eyebrow twitched after a few long moments of silence.  A couple heartbe
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Mature content
Ariadne's Curse :iconninjasin:NinjaSin 0 2
Viginti Tres - part 7
The gypsy camp was unlike any other place Juri had ever been.  A sprawling lay of blazing campfires, colored tents and the few wagons stashed in the tree line, the camp was always thriving with activity.  Between the groups gathered around the various fires, the drums, fiddles and pipes painting a captivating melody through the air, it appeared warm and inviting.  Indeed it was – if you were welcome.  If you were not, the camp took on a whole different feel as the presence of weaponry masked as mundane items or pieces of clothing were apparent.
Once upon a time Juri had seen both sides of the camp in one day, the Kaoru Clan changing it's stance upon her in a moment's notice.  She supposed she brought it upon herself, but she refused to be what Ruka wanted and when he tried to force her, she had drawn her blade, the tent cut to ribbons.  She didn't even have time to state her position before she was expunged from the camp by th
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Viginti Tres - part 6
In the quiet of the night, the stillness of the ivory city after the nighthawks have gone to roost, two women sat in the confines of a plush office.  Sipping tea, the dim candlelight reflecting off pale green locks, the one slid a small bag of coin across to the other.  Shifting slightly in her seat, red lips curled up and she focused on the younger blonde woman across from her.
"Do you think she suspects we're using her?"  The blonde's question broke the thick silence within the office as she picked up the bag.
"No, the girl's much too gullible to realize what we're doing," came the reply.  "She's been under my control for years now.  She won't suspect a thing.  Through her we will be able to keep track of out most... auspicious victim.  How generous of you to grant my fiance and I your aid."
The blonde's eyes darkened for a brief moment.  "Arisugawa has played on my brother's emotions for too long now.
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Viginti Tres - part 5
Miki paced by the tree in the northern forest, the arranged meeting place with Juri, and counted the seconds as they passed by.  Juri was so damn reckless at times.  Once she gets focused on something, puts it in her mind she will do it, there was nothing that could be done to sway her.  Logic seemed completely lost on her at times.  One of these days it was going to get her killed.
He sighed and leaned against the tree.  That would certainly be a sad day.  Even now he missed having her around more - back when she'd first been kicked out of her family she'd come to live with his clan.  Those were some great times learning the sword from Ruka together, finally having someone he could talk to that didn't get his sister's hackles up… watching Juri and her sister get into trouble with the elders.
Then Ruka made his move on Juri, she almost killed him for it, and then the elders denied her sanctuary.  Miki had b
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Viginti Tres - part 4
Lounging on her side, the smooth fabric of her evening robe pooling about her in dark green waves, the violet-haired woman traced her nail along a pattern in the folds of the sheets she was lying upon.  The day had been lucrative; the clients she chose from the ample selection were quite generous with their purses as well as their words.  It wasn't everyday three men propositioned her to become their exclusive girl at the brothel.  Anyone in her position would be happy.
Except she wasn't.
Takatsuki Shiori played the part they expected her to, cried out and moaned at all the scripted times, because that's what they wanted her to do.  The owner, the clients, even the city guard, all had the way a good brothel girl behaved set into their minds.  She'd always figured, from the moment a family debt landed her in the upscale whorehouse, if she played along well enough, was what they wanted her to be, eventually she'd find a way out, a way to
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Viginti Tres - part 3
Juri was leaning against the wall of her cell trying her best not to envision the feel of a noose about her neck.  She sighed heavily as she began to get extremely angry with herself.  How dare she get so enraptured by that girl?  Never before had any of the beautiful women of the ivory city caused such a desire within her.  Never before had she gone time and time again to simply watch the same woman from a distance just to take in the sight.  Never before had she encountered a woman with eyes and hair the color of summer wine that exuded such… innocence.
Juri rolled her eyes at her own stupidity.  She should have known they'd be looking for a chance to ambush her and what better place to do it then at a place they knew she'd frequented.  The problem was… how did they know she had any interest in the violet-haired girl?  She'd never talked to her, never even discovered her name.  She just observed
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So, I'm not really writing much these days outside my online blog-based games, but given them, I have been handed inspiration via many things to write creepy fanfic based in those settings.  Hence my current additions.  

Yes, I am disturbed.  I hope you all enjoy the creepy darkness.  


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